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It’s More Than Just Teeth

You can have your smile back with our Smile Design process, using porcelain veneers! With our less invasive, painless way to cover up imperfections and discoloration in the tooth- whether it be from aging or an accident - you'll never even know it's there. At our reputed cosmetic dentistry in Fairfax, our dentist uses minimally invasive procedures, so you won't experience any loss of natural teeth either.

Smile Planning

When it comes to designing your new smile, there is more to it than just great looking teeth. A good cosmetic dentist near Fairfax will help you get natural looking teeth that fit your smile and your bite. In order to have a long-lasting beautiful smile, you need your natural smile to be functional as well.

Why Choose Us For Your Cosmetic Dental Needs?

  • We specialize in cosmetic dentistry
  • We use the best materials
  • We have flexible financing options
  • We provide a comprehensive smile planning