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Cosmetic Dentistry | In the past, the focus of dentistry was to improve oral health. Dentists would perform cleanings and exams while dealing with health issues such as cavities, injuries, and gum disease. Nowadays, people are going above and beyond general oral health. They want to have a great-looking smile. After all, a beautiful smile is a gateway to relationships, employment, and a great social life. A less-than-glamorous smile can detract from a person and make them feel self-conscious and embarrassed. There are many options available for those with smiles that are less than perfect. You can choose from options such as bonding to repair damaged or misshapen teeth or something as drastic as a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. These procedures vary based on price, so you are limited only by your budget. Are you embarrassed by your smile? If so, you no longer have to hide at home. Cosmetic dentistry in Fairfax can improve your life in many ways. Here are some options to choose from. Contact Breeze Dental to learn more.

Dental Veneers

If you're in awe of your favorite celebrity's smile, more than likely, they were not born with it. Dental veneers allow anyone to have what is often dubbed "The Hollywood Smile." These thin shells are placed on the fronts of natural teeth to fix a variety of issues, such as gaps, cracks, chips, small teeth, misshapen teeth, and discolored teeth. In addition, the porcelain shells are custom-made for your teeth and can last a decade or longer with good care. However, one of the biggest downsides is that they require the removal of enamel from the teeth. This process is irreversible, so you need to make sure you are committed to the process before proceeding. Likewise, it can be painful, so anesthesia is often needed. Otherwise, getting dental veneers in Fairfax is a great choice for those who want a new smile and the boost in confidence that comes with it.

Dental Bonding

Bonding is an inexpensive way to improve the appearance of your teeth. Also, the treatment uses tooth-colored material called composite resin to fix teeth that are stained or damaged. It can be used to fill in cracks, repair chips, and change the color of your teeth. Dental bonding can be used to fill in gaps and change the shape of teeth. Also, it can be used as tooth-colored fillings to make teeth more natural-looking. Your dentist will shape the bonding material and then use a special light to harden it. It is a simple procedure that takes less than an hour and can be done in one office visit. No anesthesia is required. Dental bonding near Fairfax is cheaper than crowns or veneers and blends in naturally with your other teeth.
Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Those looking to remove stains from their teeth have numerous options. While many teeth whitening options are available at your local drugstore, these toothpaste, strips, trays, mouthwashes, and pens are short-lived. They can help for a temporary period of time. If you desire a long-term solution, your dentist can help. Teeth whitening in Fairfax is a popular cosmetic dentistry option. You can get this procedure done in your dentist's chair, and in about an hour, you can whiten your teeth by as many as 12 shades. The bleach is applied to your teeth and then cured with special ultraviolet lights. Teeth whitening uses a bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. This bleach may contain as much as 43% peroxide, while over-the-counter products may contain only 3-10%. As a result, over-the-counter products do not last very long. If you have stained teeth due to tobacco use, wine, coffee, tea, or soda consumption, ask your dentist if teeth whitening is right for you. The process can be costly. While not everyone is a good candidate, such as those with crowns or bonded teeth, most people enjoy a whiter, brighter smile after just one visit.

Dental Implants

In brief, implants replace missing teeth using titanium screws with a crown on top. The screw is placed into the jaw and serves as a root for your tooth. As a result, the bone grows around it, supporting the screw. Next, a dental crown is attached to complete the restoration. Dental implants are artificial teeth that look and function like real teeth. In fact, they match your other teeth and are very sturdy. Also, implants are very comfortable, unlike options such as dentures and bridges. With dental implants, you can eat your favorite foods. Implants also help keep your jaw from sagging, so many people benefit from a more youthful appearance. Dental implants are an expensive option, costing several thousand dollars per tooth. However, they last a lifetime, and because they are made of titanium and porcelain, they are resistant to decay, so you'll never have to worry about cavities again. In addition, dental implants are a surgical procedure, so there are risks involved. However, the procedure has an effective rate of 98%, and most people are good candidates. Those who smoke or have chronic medical conditions may want to choose other options.

Complete Smile Makeover

A smile makeover can improve multiple aspects of your teeth. For example, bonding can fix imperfections in the teeth, while implants can be used to replace one or more teeth. At your consultation, your dentist will assess the appearance of your teeth and inform you of the options available based on the looks of your current smile and your oral health. For this reason, two or more procedures may be needed for you to attain the smile of your dreams.

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Overall, if your teeth are in good general health but you are still not happy with them, cosmetic dentistry can help. There are many options to choose from to improve your smile and help you increase your self-confidence. For this reason, Breeze Dental offers dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, and other options to give you a gorgeous smile. To see what we recommend for your smile, give us a call at (703) 844-2991 or book an appointment online.